Gourds on Hiatus

After 19 years together, The Gourds recently made the decision that they will be taking a hiatus. While it is unclear how long the break will last, you can expect band members to continue recording & performing with their various side projects during this time.

The Gourds end their year with a show October 27th at Threadgill’s World Headquarters in Austin, TX. Tickets to that event can be purchased here: http://www.threadgills.com/events/gourds/.

During the break fans have a number of ways to get their Gourd fix. The recently released documentary “All the Labor” is chock full of live footage with lots of bonus scenes, interviews and Gourd wit and will be showing at theaters throughout the country. More information, including a list of dates and theaters, can be found here and on the High Plains Film website.

“All the Labor” will also be available for purchase November 19th on DVD and can be pre-ordered on this website . Watch for an “All The Labor” sound track and other live releases coming out as soon as the spring of 2014.

And about those various side projects….more information here on Jimmy Smith http://www.jimmysmithatx.com and Shinyribs http://www.shinyribs.org/ .  Max Johnston has a solo project in the works with producer Eric Jarvis, watch for updates on The Gourds website and Facebook page and on his new website published soon.