Your Benefit

Jimmy Smith

dance around the hi-fi mama there be no derision
your reticence is gonna let me down
ya gotta pull on out of your coma
Moss the jackal with a soldering iron
you know he’s quite the wizard
the fumes inhaled brings on the madness
bounce around his turntable
hey you know it won’t be too long
have to run it’s a pity
hey you know it won’t be too long
it’ll all be for your benefit
hot liver in the ice chest now
bring a good price on the black market
pulmonary pounding on the asphalt
we’ll be shuttin’ down the ventricles
well it was purchased in a lavatory if it made its way to me
sittin’ next to it in the cockpit
hand to hand on the bamboo airstrip
all my bootleggers in our panty hose
bunched around the ankles
just some kinky astigmatism or an exquisite gel
put away your heater mama before you hurt somebody
and keep the taps clean babushka so i can keep runnin’ the juice

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