Jimmy Smith

melchert ain’t got no time for me
i say tooth he say deck hand scurvy
jump in my basket we’ll hit the sky
in my hot air balloon travel time
be there by sunrise watch the Byzantine topple
hey Melchy let’s go the cinema
no way man just dropped a coffee enema
pan epidemic in the popcorn bucket
chase the dragon you say ante well up it
keep your swizzle stick i‘ll stir it with my fingers
vamanos with your smell it lingers
hey Melchert why don’t i go
if you don’t want to chat with me anymore
marketing sir well don’t be mad
farm to the table best you ever had
pig snout stuffed with edible flowers
jellied bone marrow molded trousers
Adriatic delicacies flown in right off the boat
if it ain’t here on time i will slit my throat
hey Melchy that’s really great
gonna jump o’er your garden gate
skin my knee bill the tenant
smack the thicky run for senate
i turn around well who do i see
Melchert ain’t got no time for me

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