Jimmy Smith
saw this magnanimous bottom feeder look up at me
thought pond scum sucked ‘til i had a bowl of rat soup inside of me
well, it’s pretty good said this cat named Sneezeguard
couldn’t ever crowd his pan always got a proper sear on
just to find out that easily led could actually steer one
a little more punch to wash this down
a little more frequency in our round
in the heat on an island garbage all around me
had the entire off ramp ‘til the Diaz brothers found me
i drained me a few made me my day’s worth
topped off my cart i’m rolling for the can bank
yeah to make a better haul left my cardboard sign blank
little more coin for my cans today
little less load on my case today
now i’m taking it home out on my tectonic plates
crashed in a pyramid and claimed squatters rights
shared a tomb with a fella wouldn’t shut up ‘bout a girl named Isis
had to blend with tourists when they came in the a.m.
relocated to the new wing absconding with my hot plate
little more time marginalized
a little less stink in everybody’s eye

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