Drop the Charges

Jimmy Smith
i’m on the pay phone honey will you collect

only murder i know a pack of crows press one for english

detonate them drums that u-boat needs a pounding

well that’s good shag daddy but the best you’ll get is Bugler

trumped up non adhesive fall down jeeze louisin’

Suzi Quatro flankin’ tres well that’s who’s down in my palais

well i call a misdeal my hand was circumstantial

let’s just throw it out man call it inadmissible

i might have played a mark but maybe that’s just what he needed

prorated all the earnings so naturally we repeated it

small claims your court put the finger on my cohort

no, you know what to do

drop the charges

time for me to dangle gonna move it by the rail

locomotive halitosis all that eyelid I been smokin’

lady tiger on my lap in houndstooth pantalones

con cerveza on the brain got baloney in my jacket

drop the charges ooh drop the charges

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