Kicks in the Sun

I never talked you up
I never shut you down
Bring you up in the mix
What do you bring to the sound?
Now, I would not offer
Any help or advice
Unless you beseech me
Oh honey don’t ask twice
Walkin’ down my street
I’m lookin’ for a hook
I try to locate some soul
In a calculus book
But the fat man fell
And the big boy slid
Put that dog on a leash
Wire him to the grid
Now I got caught
Livin’ outside my means
I’d say they threw me back
Better to give than receive
But that ain’t always the case
It’s hardly ever that slick
I had to swim in the rice bowl
Not the runt, but the pick
Sleep out under the park bench
Live on minimum wage
Down there in the crawlspace
Down there huffin’ the methane
No reason to get excited
It’s only kicks in the sun
Throw a towel to the maestro
He sure had a good run

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