Standin in a circle

Lights on us purple
Handin out the tickets for the night
Wear em like a medal
Pedal to the metal
Givin em up to the first in sight

Holdin Waits in gold
Should’nt have to be told to hold on tighter
Tighter and tighter
(No really, tighter!)

Could’nt find another
One for ya brother
I do believe the rest are “Up on high”
Take it up with yer Makers
And yer rollin papers
Even they is bound to axe,
Why, why why?

Tighter! Holding!

All yer left with’s a record
And a past kinda checkered
Off yer chess signed and delivered
Did it all on a Sunday
Hungover Monday
Too late for all the truth’s uncovered
Bummer you did’nt hold on
Wait for it
Tighter now, tighter now!

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