Hey Thurman

Hey, Thurman
We got some funky trees
Need a whirlybird
To get above a canopy
Me and your boys
Picking through the debris
Benny and Roky back in the mid 60’s
Hey, Thurman
Matriarch of fifty-deuce
I got a wagon
Full of that juice
You hold on to that remote control
Me and your boys are bound to take that stroll
Hey, Thurman
I must inquire
What’s that written on your telephone pole flyer?
It’s just a possum it ain’t your Siamese
I know that smell
It’s got me weak in the knees
Hey, Thurman
You know we’ll all get home
Me and your boys ya see
We’re all full grown
Your hearts a jug
Never empty always full
Pass it to your Padre
I think he needs another pull
Another sweet pull
Hey Thurman

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