Blanket Show

The drapes were drawn, the curtain fell
The bellows were empty
Might as well
Go the Blanket Show
But the seats are steep
No real estate
I’m stuck on Y
Can’t get no zzz’s
Don’t trust no pills
No, I don’t trust nothing
So I hit the tins and the play button
Sure enough my dream reoccurring
But this time I was in the women’s prison
Freud was smiling
So was Jung
My heart was heavy but my Fu was Kung
Three time loser
five to ten
Are you that judge?
No, I’m not him
No, I’m not him
Right about then
Lights out in the cage
The women were snoring
with that wart hog rage
Wake up pig
Roll over Beethoven
Get down mama
Yeah, you sleep in
I flew the pen
I flew the pen

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